The story of an exceptionally high fever...

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    Nov 30, 2016
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    Writing this as I am bored as hell whilst recovering...

    So I apparently ended up with "highly ramped up tonsillitis" according to my doctor (Presuming he dumbed it down to something I could understand)... Started off as 104 when I woke up, was still going to work, when I got there everyone told me I looked like shit and needed to go, preferably to a hospital... (I refuse to ever use an ER again due to shady billing practices and incompetence of the local hospitals... Unless it is a drug overdose or child birth...) Anyways, I went home and called my local doctor, he told me he'd see me that afternoon, during which time my wife checked my temp, and it just said "high"... Tried again, it was showing 107.5... Everything hurt, everywhere was too cold... My hair was dry and basically crispy, like breaking off if rubbed the wrong way... I basically lost control of my bladder, leaking drops randomly, with a constant feeling of needing to pee but nothing coming out... My balance was FUBARed, my lips were gray, side of my face, neck was swollen as hell, I looked like Kermit the friggen frog... I kept wanting to sleep... Wife made me get in what felt like a freezing bath, but was apparently room temperature... Fever went back to 106... Get to the doctor, they immediately perform a flu test... Negative. Looks and feels around, next thing I know I'm getting 2 shots in my ass... I get home (Driven by the wife both ways) wife goes to get the prescriptions(9 freaking pills a day...) I take them and can't stay awake, she makes me sleep in the living room so she can monitor me... Eventually I wake up, completely covered, and laying in a nasty, sticky, freezing cold sweat puddle... But I am feeling MUCH better, temp at 101... I still lay there though, not quite ready to do much moving around until I'm ready to go to bed, trusted enough to sleep IN the bed at last... I wake up the next morning and the scariest thing that has ever happened to me before... Happened. As I slide off the bed, and stand up, I fall straight down, not forward or backward, but my body just basically collapsed.... And as I fell, everything cracked in order... My ankles, my knees, my hips, my spine from bottom to top, my neck from bottom to top... I didn't know what the hell just happened... I lay there for a few seconds wondering if everything in my body just kinda broke before realizing I can still move, so I stand up again, and feel looser than I ever have before (THIS part actually felt kind of amazing...) fever gone, throat still looking like I'm going to ribbit... Still painful to swallow and stuff, but I feel so much better, still a bit lazy though, still getting light headed and dizzy when I stand up right, but progress!! Today I wake up, everything is fine, face and neck looking normal, throat still mildly sore, but I can enjoy drinking again (ginger ale and water...) Still not allowed to go back to work according to the doc until he clears me, which sucks because that's a whole week of work with no monies... He gave me something that apparently fights what infection I have, but makes me susceptible to catching other things much easier until I'm off the plethora of pills he has me on...

    So ya, interesting few days for me.... I usually get sick once a year maybe every other year, typical man cold thing... This was not that... By a long shot.

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