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Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by Gory Cory, Feb 21, 2017.

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    ive noticed alot of people are suggesting individual finger movement, but its not as important as hand placement on a weapion (i.e. sword). instead of wherever you grab on the blade, you should have the weapons snap into the hand. Im not sure if this is a bug or my hit boxes arent great, but i have not been able to sheathe my sword that i made which is kind of annoying if i want to weild a bow as well. Again, i dont know if this is a bug or just me but i suggest you take a page out of "Onward", and have holstered weapons stay in one spot instead of having them float around as you look around with the right controller (turning) .The placement where i holster is never the same if i turn my camera around and that can be very very annoying, not to mention trying to holster tools and they just kind of drop on the ground. I suggest you should make the sheathing area (blue circle) perfect around the player, and not to the side in an oval. Another thing i like about Onward is the movement. You have many options for movement but you should put an option to run the direction y ou are facing. I turn around alot and look behind me and finding myself readjusting my self because my UP is not centered and end up running in a weird direction. The last bug i found out is very crucial for it can actually make people ask for a refund. After creating my first and only sword, i noticed i couldnt holster it. I walked the trading cart and put the sword on the cart to see how much it was worth , seeing as how i had to carry the sword. I decided against it and changed my mind so i cleared the swords from the cart to get it back and it dropped the sword on the ground, with no hilt nor handle, just the blade. I picked it up and it somehow dissapeared. I also noticed you programed the ability to 2 handed mine, I suggest you spawn better quality/quantity of items when doing things with 2 hands to give players a reason not to just sit there and wack at a rock with no enthusiasm. I love this game and the potential of it, but i think if you combined the good parts of other vr ideas and your game, it could single handedly be the best vr game that exists and ever will exists, not to mention coop *adding the ability to invite a friend cant be that hard to program ). Please let me know what you think of these suggestions and bugs. thanks Ryan
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    Hey Cory, thanks for the awesome post and apologies for the delay. With the upgrade to 4.15 this last month it's been heads down over here. Let me go throuhg your ideas one at a time to give them the attention they deserve:

    Yep, totally agree, typically for items that can be actually used there will always be a snap, for random items that can't be 'used' it will just grip wherever you grab them. The reason swords don't have a snap is because we haven't hooked them up yet for combat but when we do, as soon as you grab them anywhere near the handle they will snap to your hand properly. As such it also can't be stuck into your belt as generic props aren't affected by the belt

    Yep, known bug that has been fixed but we've been delayed on the release with the upgrade to the new engine version

    Yep. it's already in and was actually a feature we launched with.. In December we ripped out every system and recoded it so it would work properly in multiplayer and this is one thing that got mangled a bit worse than others so it didn't make it in the first round of updates. Done now though and in the next major update there should be optiosn in the menu to choose if you run face forward or hand forward

    Yep, we have a nice bug card in there currently for this issue. Now that swords have been completely redone this is no longer a bug

    Currently we have a line of single handed stone tools that we are going to switch to and start the player off with. The current pick axe will be something yoou will have to craft later on and using it with 2 hands instead of one will give you a 100% + bonus.

    Great points overall, we're close to having the new save system that we're creating for multiplayer ready to test with single player so it's going to be an exciting month!

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