Issues with new menu system book style.

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by DersonThePerson, Jul 12, 2017.

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    Just to let you know I love the new books style menu system, and I think it could really work well. However there are some fairly major problems with it.
    1.) No matter how you call up the menu, the book always spawns in your right hand. Meaning that you are forced to select things and try to turn pages with your left hand. This feels backwards to me being right handed. Normally I would hold the book with my left and turn and select stuff with my right.
    2.) Right hand holding the book, is clipping through the book really badly and looks very wonky.
    3.) Reducing the menu to a book has also reduced it's size considerably making the buttons you want to select quite hard to accurately push. Especially as the old system was fairly buggy in the first place. I used to find in the last ver that I had to put my whole hand inside the button and then "grab" to activate it. This is now much harder to do, because the buttons are way smaller.

    Suggestion: For the sake of accuracy, and in keeping with the game, make the hand hold a quill which you use as a sort of pointer to select things with. That way its easier to make accurate. You could (if you wanted to be really fancy) make it so that when you clicked an item with the quill, it puts a black tick next the item to show it as being active.

    Playing devils advocate here a bit.... (and your going to hate me for this.) But seeing as your planning to add many more books to the game to help players learn how everything works ... and maybe even have books in quests that provide clues to completing things. Maybe you should actually leave the menu like it was before... as an overlay... so the player isn't saturated with books all the time. It would make a clear distinction to the player that when they are holding a book it's an "in game" item, that will add to immersion and is to do with gameplay itself. But when the overlay comes up, it's clear then that it's an "out of game" thing.. ie: It's the menu for adjusting "real life" items to do with game performance and/or preference adjusted from outside the game. Just a thought, but players I think like having that distinction between the two.

    I notice the blacksmithing guide has most of the bugs I mentioned last time fixed. However it has a new one. You have made it so that you can't turn past the first or last page... so that's great. However starting at the beginning of the book, as you flip the pages the writing from page 1 is always what you see as you flip to the next page. In other words it doesn't matter if your flipping from page 1 to 2, or page 4 to 5. As you grab and turn the page over, page 1 content is always what appears to be turning over.
    I would imagine this is something like, you have the page turn animation only using the image from page 1 all the time. So when you call the animation it always looks the same... ie the same page? Does this mean you need a separate animation for each page in the book? I will leave that to you clever UE4 guys!

    Message me if you need further clarification on any of these bugs I've raised.
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    Thanks for ideas and feedback @DersonThePerson , we've had some other priorities come up, but we will make sure to get this fixed up here in a bit!
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    This shooudl be fixed and in the latest alpha. Feel free to test and report back if the problem is fixed

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