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    Sep 12, 2016
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    Looking for a some community involvement here to write up a brief overview of the following aspects of moving around with an Oculus Rift+Touch controllers. Feel free to add some levity to it, this doesn't have to be a super dry set of instructions by any means as long as the important stuff is clear and easy to extract. These instructions We will need an overview of the following movement methods in the Oculus Rift
    • Teleporting
    • Point click and walk for longer distances
    • D-Pad/ Analog stick style movement
    • HMD vs Controller forward option in movement menu
    • Rotating the Camera
    • Picking things up and using the belt
    We have about a page worth of room for each of the points above. Refer to the image below for an idea of how much text can fit on the page.

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