Hand Crossbow finished, implemented (Oh and we can embed sketchfab links now)

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    So excited to see this beauty finished up and implemented into the game. You can see it in Dev Vlog #2 , although not completely functional, but now it is working. Some details about this little fella
    • One handed
    • Takes special 12 inch bolts
    • There is a snap point on the handle, if you put your hand near it and hit the trigger it will pick up the crossbow, rotating it and your hand into an ideal position.
    • With it held up in one hand you can reach out with the other hand, grab the string and lock it back.
    • Some cool haptic feedback in place with the controller vibrating as you pull the string back
    • Check in place to make sure you are loading the right sized bolts in, will not accept the regular 16 inch ones
    • Once it detects a bolt in the barrel it locks movement so it can only slide in and out, once more than 40% in the barrel you can let go of the trigger and it will snap into place
    • Point and press the trigger to fire
    • Side buttons are used to drop it.
    We've created a sketchfab account to preview items without needing to go into the game. As a fun side note, sketchfab has a VR mode so you could check this out in the rift or the vive if you wanted to.

    via Sketchfab


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