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    Huzzah, you made it! Now that you're here let's clear up a few ground rules.

    1. The Golden Rule: Have some respect and treat others the way you want to be treated. Bad behavior such as flaming and derogatory/personalized harassment will not be tolerated.
    2. Do not incessantly bump threads or spam.
    3. No alternate forum accounts. Users found with multiple accounts will be subject to a 30-day forum ban. If you are unable to access your initial account, please use the contact form and let us know

    On top of these simple rules, we also have a few guidelines:

    Make sure when posting that your thread is being posted into the correct location. Your topic may be moved without warning by a mod if it is placed in the wrong category. Avoid duplicate topics where applicable. Refrain from using all caps and extremely large fonts in your posts.

    As stated in rule one, harassment will not be tolerated. It is up to our discretion what derogatory and personalized harassment is. If it seems like what you're about to communicate seems like it's going to really offend or be harmful to another persons ability to be a part of our community without fear of being harassed, don't say it. Employ common courtesy.

    Disobeying any of the rules/guidelines can result in a warning. Multiple warnings can lead to site restrictions and eventual banning from the Forums.

    Inappropriate usernames:
    Racist, sexist, and generally inappropriate usernames will not be tolerated. You should also not use your username as a way to advertise. If deemed inappropriate your username will be changed by a Moderator, and you will be contacted to provide an alternate username which will be updated for you. You will be prevented from posting until your username issue is resolved.

    Reporting Posts:
    If you feel that someone's post(s) are detrimental to the community, you can report their post and your report will be sent to the mods. Please be aware that we take these reports seriously, and you should report a post only when you feel like it is disobeying the community guidelines. Refrain from mini-modding/backseat moderating and contact a mod where necessary.

    Topic Locking/Deleting:
    It is up to the Moderators discretion to remove replies and/or lock threads. Threads that are disruptive to the community and cause more harm than good (including but not limited to: flame wars, fighting, and trolling) will be locked. Reasons for locking the topic are generally provided by a moderator at the time of locking. We usually do not delete forums topics, and employ locking where necessary. However, if there is sensitive information that has the potential to negatively affect the game and it's community that topic may be deleted rather than locked.

    We reserve the right to change and/or add to these guidelines at our discretion where necessary.

    These rules ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience here. With that said, we hope to see you as an active member of the community!
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