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    Arriving at my destination, I waved farewell to my driver and short time companion for the long ride through the dense forest. Here by the road stood a small stand, seemingly greeting me with a large basket and hatchet to my convenience. Having sold most of my belongings, this was a good start to a new life.

    I set to task collecting nearby fallen logs that remained sturdy, fashioning them to secure the walls for my new home. In time, I managed to prepare enough logs to establish the foundation, and set a roof to protect me from the elements. Sore and satisfied, I took to noticing the clear, sprawling forest around me and gathered some needed supplies to explore the forest grounds.

    Tying my knapsack, a howl echoed through the woods. I reacted minimally, until a second howl was nearer to be heard. My hair stood on end and I gripped my trusty hatchet; freshly dulled from the labors of construct.

    A low growl turned to snarling, as I spin to meet a large wolf charging right for me. Diving aside, I swung the hatchet and managed to slash the wolf's side, causing it to stumble. I recovered my stance and took advantage by lunging at the wolf, hacking furiously; while the wolf took good measure in gnawing at my arm in trade. Overpowered by the wolf, I fall backward with the wolf aiming for a killing bite. There was a struggle, but within moments there was none. Bloodied and fatigued, I rolled the wolf's corpse to the side. Heaving breaths, I tossed my hatchet aside, caked in blood and dirt. Stretched my arms above me, and found composure in the softly rustling branches of the trees above, clouds sliding in between their leaves.

    The night approached, but so did hunger. Needing time and supplies to tend to my wounds, I was able to return to my new home, bind my wounds and collect the tools to prepare the wolf's meat for dinner. In short order, I harvested the quality meat from the wolf, taking interest to neatly skin it as well to prepare for tanning. Fully loaded with goods, I made transport back home. Having hung the fur and enjoyed my first meal, I rolled blankets and strew hay about to makeshift a bed.

    As the moon bloomed in the night sky, I secured my abode, and let rest my eyes for the next day's adventure...


    A story based on my first played adventure in YoreVR. The potential for this game is limited only by your imagination, and in time we will see more and more to keep us yearning for the medieval age, as a yesteryear.

    Feel free to write some of your own adventures, I really enjoy the read!
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    This is so awesome.. I've put this in the fan fiction section and will have to find some way to get this scrawled on a scroll somewhere to put in the game
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