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    Ancient tomes speak of knowledge which was hidden, yet unearthed by only the most true adventurous folk. However, there was a reason why that knowledge was not handed down. To those who knew the adventurer, there were only whispers and fodder for mythical tales.

    Cygnus was a pillar of the community, although his family was not wealthy, his father was a well-known Blacksmith. Instructed him in the ways of crafting weapons, Cygnus' weapon of choice was the hammer with which he learned to forge weapons. Cygnus had worked for in the village for many years, honing his skills as a expert blacksmith, known far and around for his skills in forging quality metal.

    During the great goblin invasion of the village in which he lived, many children were taken away to begin a life of servitude. Cygnus lived to survive the attack and one day led a small group of young adults to take on the goblins and free his former townsfolk along with all other slaves from the tyranny of the goblin tribes.

    Cygnus' weapon of choice was his oversized sledgehammer, nick-named "Goblin Smasher". One by one, the goblins fell to its mighty weight and the more Cygnus swung that hammer, the stronger he became. Just as the few survivors had fled his small town during the goblin invasion, the goblins began to flee from their caves in which they dwelled.

    The grateful people who were freed from their goblin masters created a statue in his honor with great detail, including his now famous "Goblin Smasher".

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