Dev Vlog #09 - Hunting, Deer AI, Cooking and Player Stats

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    00:00 - 01:20 - Intro
    • Weapon Spawners - Silhouettes on the wall that you can grab which spawn new weapons and items in your hand
    • Target Practice
    01:21 - 02:30 - Hunting
    • Creeping up on the deer to demonstrate the comfort zone
      • Deer gets scared once I invade his comfort zone
      • Once within the zone, deer will flee to get that distance away again
    • Crouching and walking emits less noise allowing me to get closer
    • 4 Shots to take down the deer because I keep on hitting it in the hind legs
    02:31 - 03:44 - Harvesting and cooking the meat
    • 2 pieces of meat per deer
    • Hunger and Stamina is now setup on the backend
      • Not hooked into any systems on the front end
      • Next step is to hook it up to activities in game that will drain and gain bonuses from having full stamina
    • Meat glows red when you get close to a heat source like the cooking rack
    • Can put the meat on the rack or on the coals/fire itself
    • Takes about 60 seconds to cook deer meat
    • Can’t eat it until it is cooked
    03:45 - 05:17 - Detailed hunting explanation
    • Deer AI
      • Deer takes an arrow(to the knee) and will automatically run
      • Comfort zone exists that causes deer to panic when a player gets within a certain distance
      • The more deer the player kills the more the deer will fear them
      • As the player builds up more of a reputation with Deer as a hunter this comfort zone will increase causing the deer to flee sooner
      • Deer will also run faster depending on reputation and will run further away
      • This is a way for us to keep things challenging and difficult for experienced players
      • Also a good way for players that do not hunt to co-exist peacefully and get closer to the deer
    05:18 - 06:42 - Player Stats(Health, Stamina, Hunger and Thirst)
    • We have implemented 3 out of the 4
      • Thirst will likely come in 2017
    • Everything that you do that requires physical endurance will be affected by Stamina
      • Harvesting resources will get bonuses if stamina is full
      • Will be able to run faster for longer with full stamina
      • Will be able to teleport further and have less of a cooldown if stamina is full
    • Stamina Regen will be affected by how full your belly is.
      • Hungry players will regen stamina slower
    • Starving players will start loosing health over time
    • We want to limit how much we punish players with the hunger system but we do want to give bonuses for going to the effort of keeping your stomach full
    • Health Regen will be affected by how full you are. Starving players won’t regen health
    06:43 - 07:08 - Cooking
    • Can only eat cooked meat.. Meat will spoil if it is not cooked
    • Meat will spoil if it isn’t cooked, will go green
    • Can’t each raw meat, need something to cook it.
    • Just need to bring the food up to your mouth to eat it.
    07:09 - End - Outro
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