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    So as you brave souls venture out into the unknown bugs of the alpha and beta branch you are likely going to need a little helping hand to make your life easier and as such we've put some commands into the build to do just that. To access these commands simple go to your keyboard while the game is running and hit the tilda key ( ` ) in the top left corner of your keyboard. From there you can type one of the following:

    • YoreTeleportHome - Take a guess at what this does :)
    • YoreDisableWalkRestrictions - This removes the teleport restrictions so you can go up walls, off of the navmesh and teleport as far as you want with no delay. Great for traveling great distances in a flash
    • YoreSpawnResource <resourcename> amount
      -- resource name: for ex: wood_resource
      -- amount: a number, clamped to <1;100> range
      • ie: YoreSpawnResource stone_resource 100
      • ie: YoreSpawnResource wood_resource 100
      • ie: YoreSpawnResource iron_resource 100
      • ie: YoreSpawnResource SmeltedOreResource 100
      • ie: YoreSpawnResource ingot_resource 100
      • ie: YoreSpawnResource coal_resource 100
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