0.6.1 Alpha/Beta/Main Update

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    Sep 12, 2016
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    • Bird and insect noises added
    • Reverb added to the cave
    • Skeleton warriors added to the dungeon
    • Spawn resources cheat codes added to alpha/beta branches

    Bugs Fixed
    • Arrow/Bolts properly stick into targets
    • Constructed Buildings were not saving
    • Building placement hologram was pushing/throwing the player around
    • Bow/Hand crossbows were not persisting properly
    • Black screen on load caused by game waiting for a level that wasn't there to load
    • Arrows and bolts no longer getting stuck in the air
    • Removed logspam from animal spawner overlap events

    • Torch fire improved to eliminate ugly 2D glow planes
    • Dungeon levels and waterfall spawning in sooner now to prevent big white doors in the distance
    • Post processing, weather and lighting now driven by the Streaming map ID meaning we can turn the sun off when in the dungeon, eliminating that awful yellow light everywhere. Will also give us the flexibility to do some cool stuff by map ID instead of relying on post processing volumes everywhere.
    • Tweaked scorpion health and spawn locations

    Known Issues
    • New player experience is overwhelming and confusing. We started work on a book system where we can add tombs in the world full of information on a variety of subjects such as smithing, construction, movement, etc etc.
    • Menu Settings (Graphics, Movement and Audio) are not being saved properly
    • Performance can still be improved further
    • SuperSampling is being setup as a manual setting that users can alter outside of the presets
    • Caves might still be a bit too bright

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