0.5.9 Alpha/Beta Update

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    All patches are going up to both branches now as we are doing nothing but polish and bug fixing. Big thanks to @eXplozion who was a big help with the QA of these builds, it frees up a ton of time for us to focus on developing and fixing more bugs. You can see his handy work here: http://forums.playyore.com/index.php?threads/current-fixes-that-need-to-be-confirmed.385/#post-1396

    Some fantastic QA work going on in Discord (https://discord.gg/Yu9vM7p) as well, it's been a really fantastic week having so much help getting this update out and these bugs found and fixed!

    • Oculus Rift users can now bring up the main menu by depressing the analog stick (not a great choice but it was the only button we hadn't assigned yet)
    • Camp fire / Meat cooker - This was a drying rack before, an iron rack placed over a fire, but because we completely rewrote the interaction system hanging meat on the rack would need to also be rewritting, taking a day or so. Instead we just removed the rack for now and players can put the meat on the fire itself to cook it.
    • See above - Cooking meat now possible

    Bug Fixes
    • Bug with distance sphere on spawners were preventing creatures from spawning consistently
    • Infinite container bug preventing resources added to them after spawn from accurately being recorded
    • Bug preventing dpad movement after spawn until player teleported first
    • Building price cooltip now collides properly with hand
    • Tongs no longer produce error message
    • When in belt assembled sword was colliding with the ground and objects, pushing players around.
    • Items that were held in hands when player quits will no longer float in the air when reloaded. They will most likely fall to the ground
    • Bug where spawner would spawn 2 creatures at the same time on load

    • Lighting cleanup and improvements made, mainly in the dungeon and caves
    • Animal/Monster spawners will all trigger and spawn something on load if their active population(amount of AI's they have spawned) is zero. This is to ensure that when a streaming level loads for the first time it is populated with a decent amount of creatures immediately.
    • State of food(cooked/raw/spoiled) now persists between reloads
    • AI's are now properly persisted and taken care of when a streaming level unloads instead of falling through the ground into oblivious
    • Left hand now has grab offsets looking a lot better on all tools
    • Increased deer's flee distance so they still run away even if shot at extreme distances
    • Fox now uses Deer AI instead of Wolf, so it will run away instead of attack
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