0.5.8 Alpha/Beta update

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    Bugs Fixed
    • Crash bug when exiting caves traced down to reflection spheres. Reduced overall amount in dungeons and caves by approximately 50%, should reduce or hopefully eliminate this crash
    • Hydra AI bugs fixed. Idle and Attack animations should work now
    • Scorpion AI Fixed - Idle animations fixed and attack should work now
    • Sword assembling issues resolved, overlaps properly detected (thanks Jeremiah)
    • Logspam from index out of array bounds when dpad movement fixed


    • Hydra bounding box increased so it no doesn't try to fit in small spaces
    • Hydra movement speed adjusted so it doesn't mirror your movements all the time
    • Lighting adjustments throughout the cave and dungeon.
    • Lighting improvements to large cave chamber
    • Adjust LUT's to make things a bit more vibrant, a bit warmer(thanks Jeremiah)
    Known Issues
    • Iron Ore container on smelter not persisting properly (thanks explozion)
    • Lighting improvements still needed in 2 sections of the dungeons
    • Sword interactions with belt not great (thanks Neo_Pi)
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