0.5.7A - Alpha Update - Crashes be gone and big performance gains

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    This one would have gone out a lot sooner if it wasn't for two crash bugs that we discovered at the last minute. One being a bug in Unreal itself so we had the pleasure of submitting our fix and making the engine a little better for everyone else which always feels good.

    • Proper ocean waves
    • Foxes added to the map

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Engine Crash bug regarding String literals needing to be surrounded with TEXT macro
    • Fixed crash bug where showing the cost preview of a building in the build menu would crash the game

    • Reduced streaming distance on some levels to prevent them from streaming in so soon
    • Nav Mesh generation changed from Dynamic to Dynamic with Modifiers.
      • Explanation: The previous dynamic setting was causing the navmesh to be regenerated everytime you went from one streaming level to the next. This is because when a streaming level is unloaded(ie: you are more than 500 meters away from the dungeon we will unload it out of memory to make room for the next level) it's navmesh was destroyed and then when it was loaded in again it would dynamically regenerate. Now because none of the world is loaded by default, it's all streaming levels that come and go, this meant that as soon as the game started it begun to generate the navmesh and basically didn't stop for the entire play experience. Building the navmesh is on a background thread which means it shouldn't hit performance but of course it does, significantly.
      • Changes: By switching to dynamic with modifiers we cache the navmesh indefinitely, basically making it read only(ie: it can't be wiped) unless a modify event is triggered. This means that we will have to add notify events to all objects that affect the navmesh(mostly just buildings) however by doing so we keep the navmesh static and don't permit it to rebuild unless specifically ordered to.
    • There were a bunch of assets, mainly spawners that were not stored in the right streaming level. Moved those and now we should start seeing more deer and baddies roaming the map
    • Adjusted the terrain on the beach to prevent water from bubbling up out of no where
    • Disabled a couple additional post processing effects that were hardly noticeable.
    • Adjusted the tint and saturation to make things a little less warm and make the greens pop a bit more
    • Baby scorpion spawn points and numbers adjusted
    • Bear spawners adjusted

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