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    Bugs Fixed
    • Errors preventing building costs being displayed properly fixed
    • Bug preventing the building from accepting resources and building fixed
    • For anyone interested, both above fixed by replacing the BuildingPrices Classes with Fname values. It's a problem with the engine resetting the classes when packaging a build, submitted bug report to Epic.
    • Fixed issue with spawners spawning deer everywhere instead of the new creatures. So there might be some left over deer in the caves from before if you don't wipe your games but from no on you will be greeted by the friendly maw of a hydra, or a bear or the loving embrace of a Giant Scorpion


    • Further optimizations on the trees. At a distance now some of the smaller bits no longer load textures, just a plain black material.
    • Fine tuning tree shadows. Up close we should have more shadows and a much more realistic experience and then at a distance the shadows gradually become simpler. Overall this actually might cause a small slowdown(5-10%) in performance compared to the old way of doing things however given that we've probably increased FPS by 30-40% in the last week I felt it was a worthy tradeoff just with how good it looks having so many more shadows from the trees up close
    • Tree and foliage materials adjusted. The roughness values were way too low causing them all to appear highly specular. Looked horrible in bright light, that is fixed now
    • Disabled all post processing effects with the exception of look up tables (LUTs). At this point it was all either unnoticeable or having a negative visual impact. By disabling everything(bloom, contrast, saturation, etc etc) we've probably increased FPS by 10-15%
    • Fine tuned the LUT. Most all of the post processing effects we disabled could be simulated with a good look up table at a fraction of the performance cost and so that's what we did. Spent a couple mornings fine tuning the LUT's to get the game looking much much better. Before we were pushing too hard for a warm hue and as a side effect lost the vibrancy of the blues and greens of the sky and foliage. The new LUT improves on this greatly. We still have a separate set of LUTs for the caves and dungeon so what we're doing here mainly pertains to the above ground.
    Known Issues:
    • Hydra AI is pretty garbage right now
    • Dungeon and cave levels don't stream in soon enough resulting in empty doorways until you are close
    • Lighting issues in the dungeon
    • Cannot fully assembly a sword / attaching the final parts doesn't work
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