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    - Giant and Baby Scorpions added in caves
    - HMD Mirror mode added back in - you can choose to have a black screen, one eye as a tall rectangle, dual circles or a cropped 16:9 output which is ideal for streaming
    - Console command 'YoreTeleportHome' added. If you find yourself stuck anywhere simply go to your keyboard, press the tilda key ( ` ) and type YoreTeleportHome to go back to the start position
    - Building costs show on hover now so you can see how much they cost before placing them
    - When you die Gravestone spawns on the map

    Bug Fixes
    - Fixed crash that happened when Wolves were attacking because of their missing anims
    - Added missing anims back to the wolves

    - Optimization work with Streaming Levels
    - Held and Belted items are dropped to the ground after death
    - Building construction system refactored and recoded.
    - Hand collision box size increased to allow you to more easily pick things up off the ground

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