0.5.5A - Alpha Update

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    • Commerce system is now back in the game and working.
      • Players can collect and store gold to their character, the amount one has should be visible in the menu
      • Weapon stall done - implemented as placeable building which can be built like any other building. Player can build this stall and then use the gold they've earned to purchase the home made bow or hand crossbow as well as gain access to axe, pickaxe and basket spawners
        • Players should build this first
      • Vendor Cart(previously known as sell wagon) can now be built with building system. Players can now build the vendor cart as they would any other building and then use it to sell anything they've crafted or collected for Gold
        • Pricing table created for all items
    • Bears added to Map. They spawn with 200% of the wolf's health and do 150% damage so watch out!
    • Hydra's Added to the map - The dungeons just became a little less safe of a place to explore

    Bug Fixes

    • Placed quick movement / gravity lock on load to prevent player from falling through ground if landscape hadn't loaded.
    • Quivers are now persistent
    • Items in Belt are now persistent
    • Tools spawners at smelter and forge no longer spawn infinite amounts of tools. All exciting tools of the same type should be recycled when a new one is spawned
    • Fixed bug where you wouldn't be able to let go of certain items.
    • Fixed bug where infinite containers would receive 4x the amount of items dropped into them
    • Sword no longer moves around when touching belt
    • Bug preventing some buildings from being made is fixed
    • Fixed wolf errors preventing packaging new build
    • Fix issue where random items were spawned from item spawners after they are built
    • Fixed bug where item recycling wouldn't work for instances spawned before game load.
    • Fixed warning C4701: potentially uninitialized local variable 'PathLength' used"

    • Changed ways that current map ID's are stored so they can be pulled in real time to affect things like post processing, lighting, skylight values, etc etc depending on the level that the player is in.
    • Disabled wooden cart from build menu - sent this hellspawn to back whence it came
    • Reduced amount of resources consumed to stream in new levels to reduce amount of stutter or going to steam menu when caves/dungeons are being loaded on the fly
    • Contents of basket will now persist between saves thanks to Improved deserialization of subclass arrays
    • SellWagon and its UI refactored.

    Changelog Screenshot from last update:
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