0.5.3 Alpha Update - Optimizations, commerce and map updates

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    Sep 12, 2016
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    New update up, with new ones coming in almost daily now.

    Fixes and additions in this update
    • Teleporting up walls has been fixed
    • Limitless teleportation enabled via a console command (YoreDisableWalkRestrictions, YoreEnableWalkRestrictions) . This allows users to teleport without restrictions, meaning you can go as far and as often as you want, but also wherever you want which can lead to problems so use with care
    • Overlapping Post processing volumes fixed, this should theoretically double performance
    • More coal and iron added to the map
    • We should be able to sell items now
    • Gold is persistent
    What we are focusing on for 0.5.4:
    • Buying items from vendor stalls
    • Cooking food
    • Improving lighting in caves
    • Further optimization work on the trees to improve performance outdoors
    • Optimizations and improvements on the ground textures
    • More prop placement throughout dungeons to make them feel more lived in
    • More deer and wolves throughout the world

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