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    Sep 12, 2016
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    • In-Game Menu working(Audio, Movement, Graphics, Quit)
    • Basket Spawner added near spawn point and is now persistent
    • Navmesh fixed - It now covers all of the paths and trails as well as is persistently saved properly and not being constantly regenerated
    • Torch moved to make it easier to pick up
    • Tool spawners now recycle other tools in the world to prevent dual wielding
    • Players can now gain gold again and gold is persistent
    • Vendor wagon recoded and working
    • Tool offsets adjusted so tools fit better in hands
    • Item value table added to allow players to sell and get paid for everything from ingots to swords
    • Sword value affected by their quality tier
    • Tree LOD optimizations to further improve performance in open world
    • Escape is now hotkey to quickly quit the game
    • Bug fixed where game would loose focus going from MainMenu house into open world. Also eliminates the need to run game with -vr option.


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